11 Commandments

11 Commandments of Customer Service

  1. We honor our customers as welcome guests and serve them in the manner they desire.
  2. We respect the time and priorities of our customers.
  3. We personally serve and help our customers and strive to make their lives better.
  4. Solving customer problems is the reason our company exists. We are not an equipment supplier company. We are a service company that solves customer problems.
  5. We never compromise honesty.
  6. A good deal is a good deal only when it benefits both the customer and the company.
  7. For every dollar a customer spends with us, we expect him or her to receive a dollar and ten cents in value.
  8. We want our customers to prefer to do business with us.
  9. When a customer completes a transaction with us, we want him or her to think,  “Wow! What a great experience! I wish all of my suppliers were that good.”
  10. By choosing to buy a Cat machine from Wheeler Machinery Co., our customers are entrusting to us their ability to make a living. That is a sacred trust we must honor.
  11. We want our customers to retire rich, due in large part to purchasing Cat machines and being supported by Wheeler Machinery Co.