Sales Career Path

Wheeler Machinery Co. has many areas of opportunity in Sales, for example; Earthmoving, Mining, Product Support, Power Systems, Crushing, Sitech/Trimble, Allied Products, Mine Site Manager.

All sales reps have extensive experience in their field have college degrees ranging from associates degrees to Masters degrees.  The type of degree varies depending on the position but we have reps with degrees in Diesel Technology, Sales, Finance, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and several have MBA’s.

There are different levels of sales, the entry level would be the Inside Sales rep who works primarily from their desk and focuses on smaller accounts. Outside Sales Reps (MSR’s) spend most of their time in the field visiting customers have customers that range from one machine to several hundred.

Other sales positions are very specialized and require a very highly skilled sales person as they require designing and building a product or project with a customer.  An example of this would our Mining Sales Rep working on Mining Trucks, and helping new mines to develop their mine plans around Caterpillar Equipment or Power Systems designing turn-key power generation plants.

Some reps are responsible for the overall relationship management of a customer.  A mining account manager is responsible for being on top of everything the customer needs and pulling in other parties within Wheeler to help when needed.  Some earthmoving reps are more like account managers and have responsibility for managing the relationships with corporate accounts but locally and with the corporate office.

Open Positions