Employee Highlights & Testimonials

4 Years

Tatyana has a wide variety of account and finance responsibilities at Wheeler Machinery. From reviewing Filings sales taxes, federal excise taxes, property taxes, transient taxes and commerce taxes in different states (AZ, CO, ID, ND, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY) to machine inventory tracking, reconciling, balancing and solving any discrepancies.

PSD Field Service
15 years

I have worked at Wheeler Machinery for 15 years, I started out in the truck shop, then went to PSD field service. I love my job and all the opportunities it has put in front of me, from normal day to day jobs to traveling across the world and do perform start ups on Caterpillar generators. I strive for that first feeling of accomplishment I got the first time I finished my first rebuild on a truck engine everyday. The harder I work the better I feel

Product Support General Manager
24 years

Jeff Forman has worked at Wheeler Machinery for 24 years. Jeff started out on the shop floor as an on-highway truck engine technician. Jeff has also served in Power Systems sales and General Manager of Technology. Jeff took advantage of Wheeler Machinery Co’s tuition reimbursement program and earned his MBA from the University of Utah.

Hydraulic Rebuild
19 years

Kelly Hardman has worked for Wheeler Machinery Co. for 19 years. Kelly started his career working in the Parts warehouse. Because of Kelly’s natural technical skills, he quickly moved into the position of Caterpillar Reman Part inspector. From this position is was an easy move for Kelly to begin working in the Service Department as a Hydraulic Repair Specialist.

Component Rebuild Center
15 years

John has worked at Wheeler Machinery Co. for 12 years. John specializes in rebuilding transmissions in Wheeler’s CRC (Component Rebuild Center). ┬áJohn also run’s our state of the art transmission test bench and dyno. John started his career with Wheeler in the Salt Lake Parts Department and quickly moved into our service department to become a Caterpillar certified technician.