Career Paths

Corporate Services

Your options are wide open in Corporate Services! Wheeler Machinery Co. hires qualified individuals in just about every capacity.

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Product Support – Parts

The Parts department is the lifeline of our Service Department and customers. Find out about the careers opportunities here.

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Product Support – Service

Service, in-shop and in-field, are the backbone of Wheeler Machinery Co.

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Wheeler Sales Career Path


Do you have what it takes to sell the biggest and best heavy equipment in the world? Find out on our Sales careers page.

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Begin a dynamic and flexible career with Wheeler Machinery Co.

Begin a dynamic and flexible career with Wheeler Machinery Co, multiple career opportunities, deep employee and leadership development resources, and compelling career paths make it possible to have the flexibility and excitement of a diverse career without needing to “start over” at a new company. Even while building deep expertise in one function, our employees can experience different career opportunities by moving between our many business units, locations and product lines throughout their career. The long average tenure of our employees speaks to the satisfaction with career growth.

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